‘Journeys to Recovery’ — Statement of Alliance on World Maternal Mental Health Awareness Day

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The Alliance for Mental Health and Development (Mental Health Alliance) has issued a statement urging the “Ministry of Health and allied agencies to urgently design and implement protocols aimed at early detection and treatment of Perinatal or Postpartum Mood and Anxiety Disorders.” The statement was issued on Wednesday, 5th May 2021, to mark the World Maternal Mental Health Awareness Day.

The Alliance, which is made up of individuals and organisations with a shared interest in promoting mental health development in Ghana, indicated that the World Maternal Mental Health Awareness Day was meant to raise awareness, influence policy, and change attitudes towards maternal mental health issues. According to the Alliance, this year’s theme – ‘Journeys to Recovery’— is intended to highlight how much the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way maternal and mental health services are delivered.

The statement stressed that Ghana could not to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 3 and 5 if mental health was not effectively integrated into maternal and child health services.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been particularly stressful on pregnant women and new mothers. The fear of contracting COVID-19 and disruptions to routine clinical visits have adversely affected many pregnant women and new mothers with mental health needs. It is, therefore, a matter of grave concern that many women and their families are painfully oblivious of how pregnancy and childbirth could impact the mental health of women. As a society, Ghanaians are yet to fully appreciate the role our mental health plays in our daily lives.

Click on the download link above to read the full statement.

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