Ghana Speak Your Mind for Mental Health Campaign

The Ghana Speak Your Mind for Mental Health Campaign project is a 12-month initiative funded by Comic Relief Speak Your Mind Campaign Fund. It is a national campaign to increase the prioritisation of mental health in Ghana. The project combines mass mobilisation with targeted engagements to build an advocacy platform that will

(1) enhance public knowledge and awareness on mental health and amplify the voice of mental health service users and carers advocating for their needs and rights;

(2) To ensure decision-makers in Ghana increase funding for mental health; and

(3) have the Legislative Instrument of the Mental Health Law (Act 846, 2012) approved and implemented in the country.

The aim of the campaign is to realise targets mental health Universal Health Coverage and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) ensuring actions in Ghana, particularly governmental actions ensure sustainable financing of community mental health care service increased voice and human rights of persons with lived experiences.

The project is led by BasicNeeds-Ghana as the national led-campaign organisation actively working with the Alliance for Mental Health and Development (simply referred to as the Mental Health Alliance’) and selected members of Self-Help Groups (SHGs) of persons living with mental health conditions and other self-advocates to enact and invest in inclusive programmes, policies and legislations.