Ghana ‘Somubi Dwumadie’ (GSD) Programme

The Ghana ‘Somubi Dwumadie’ Programme otherwise known as the Ghana Participation Programme (GPP) is a five-year United Kingdom (UK) Department for International Development (DFID) in Ghana Programme implemented by a consortium of organisations that BasicNeeds-Ghana is one of and which is led by Options Consultancy Services Ltd, a United Kingdom (UK) based firm to implement the UK Department for International Development in Ghana (DFID Ghana) Leave No One Behind: Mental Health and Disability Programme.

The overarching objective of the GSD programme is to support people with disabilities and mental health, neurological and substance use conditions (MNS) to improve their health and wellbeing and ensure they are engaged, empowered and able to enjoy improved social and economic outcomes and rights. This will be achieved through four outcome areas, which align with Ghana’s (draft) National Mental Health Policy and Strategic Plan;

(1) Governance: Leadership, governance, policy, and systems strengthening for mental health and leave no one behind.

(2) Services: Quality mental health services are scaled up to provide a balanced model of care in Ghana, integrated into primary health care and community-based rehabilitation; support – mental health and disability.

(3) Inclusion: Reduced stigma, discrimination, and human rights violations; empowerment and capacity building of Disabled Peoples Organisations (to include grant making).

(4) Research: Applied knowledge and evidence base; Increase use of disaggregated data by disability status.